Child Forensic Interview

What is a Forensic Interview?

  • A Forensic Interview is a neutral, objective, developmentally sensitive and leagally sound converstation with a child/adolecent who may have been victim and/or witness to child abuse, violent crimes, and other forms of abuse. 

Who Can Refer?

  • Only law enforcement can refer a child for a Forensic Interview and they must be present at time of interview. 

Why It's Needed:

  • Forensic Inteviews create an environment that allows a child/adolescent to feel safe and provides them with an opportunity for their voices to be heard.

Who Talks to Your Child:

  • A specially trained Child Forensic Interviewer speaks to your child about what may have happened to them. 

What to Expect at Your Visit:

  • The Forensic Interview is conducted in a child friendly room, by a neutral and unbiased Forensic Interviewer. The interviewer is specialized and has advanced training in the field of Forensic Interviewing.
  • Only the child and the Interviewer are present inside of the room when the interview is taking place.
  • Prior to the interview starting, the interviewer may meet with the non-offending caregiver.
  • Non-offending caregivers are not allowed inside the interview rooms or observation rooms, in order to preserve the integrity of the investigations.
  • Investigators and multidisciplinary partners will observe the interview from a separate room, as the interview is in progress.
  • Non-offending parents and caregivers are provided the opportunity to speak with an Advocate while the interview is in progress.
  • After the Forensic Interview is completed, parents may have the opportunity to speak with the investigators to address any questions or concerns.
  • Mental health services may also be available for the child and non-offending caregivers.