Mental Health

We are a Family-Centered Practice

A philosophy of family-centered practice prioritizes family strengths, family participation in decision-making, and family participation in defining progress and outcomes. We want you to know the importance to us of having a working relationship with our families from the very first meeting. We discuss who we are, how we work, our expectations and what we believe.

Partners emphasizes intensive team-based work and coordination of services, such as mental health treatment, substance use disorders treatment, and family skills building, provided by teams from different specialties and agencies co-located at Partners.

Mental Health and Parenting Intervention Services:

• Child, adolescent, adult and family counseling

• Child and Family Team Coordination

• Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

• Incredible Years

• Eye Movement Desensitization Processing (EMDR)

• Trauma-focused group therapy

Call (509) 473-4810, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to schedule a mental health evaluation or services. For questions or further information, please contact Christie Pelz at (509) 473-4829 or

Partners is funded by Spokane County Regional Behavioral Health Organization (SCRBHO), which allows the agency to provide mental health treatment and parenting intervention services to community public health (Medicaid) recipients. Partners also provides these services to individuals of all ages involved with the child welfare system through a professional services contract. Partners does not discriminate or deny access to services on anyone.

Partners with Families & Children

  • Serves clients of all ages
  • Makes available discounted services for those individuals who qualify
  • Accepts all insurances
  • Does not discriminate or deny access to services
  • Serves all patients regardless of inability to pay
  • Offers discounts for essential services based on family size and incomeThumbnail