Kids Court

What is Kids Court?

Spokane County Kids Court is an awareness and court education program to help child victims/witnesses and their families prepare for the court process.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the court process through informational and interactive sessions.

Who Particpates?

  • All child victim/witnesses, including those seen at the CAC are eligible to participate in Kids Court.
  • Spokane County Kids Court is coordinated by Partners staff and the Spokane County Prosecutors office.
  • Your Child Legal Advocate may be present to help assist you through the Kids Court process.

What To Expect When You're There:

Expect to participate in Kids Court for approximately 2 hours

  • Children’s Session
    • Your child will learn about court staff and the work they do.
    • Your child will have the chance to role play and practice being in the witness stand.
    • Will have the opportunity to have their questions asked and answered.
    • Will learn that they are not alone in this process.
  • Parent’s Session
    • Parents will learn ways to support their child/teen.
    • Have the opportunity to have their questions asked and answered.
    • Parents will receive general information about the court process, but not case specific information. 
    • There may be an opportunity for your child/teen to meet a judge, who will explain some of the court procedures